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Think of this book as the ideal companion to take on a trip a journey of discovery about how you can improve your health and get even more from your game.

We intend to look at the game of golf to identify the “enemies” that hide within the swing and are responsible for the conditions and pathologies that negatively influence a golfer’s performance.

It has already been widely demonstrated that each golfer possesses their own personal and unique swing (even though everyone has their own reference model), and it’s at the moment when difficulties to maintain an efficient and winning swing arise, that intervention is necessary. In fact, we believe that every golfer has to seek his own uniqueness, and only with personalized help will he be able to refine and strengthen his swing and make it a winning one. »

Let’ s discover how our journey into golf now faces the secret, behind which lurks the source of those problems that disrupt the beauty of this game.

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About the authors: Fabrizio Bettinelli, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Physiotherapy. During his twenty years of practice in the Medical Center AB Borgonuovo in Milan, Italy, that he founded, Dr. Bettinelli has perfected the development of an innovative clinical approach to the pathologies most common among golfers.

Stefania Bianchi, Physiotherapist, the focus of her therapeutic treatments is the recovery of global posture of the golfer, achieved by the latest technological innovations and also by a multi-sensory and proprioceptive approach to rehabilitation.”

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